Who I Am

My name is Kelly Hoppenjans.






Jans like “Jamz.”


I have a lot of different passions, all of which I voice on this blog. I am the following:

A MUSICIAN: First and foremost, I love making music. Indie singer-songwriter is my shtick. Here’s my website: www.kellyhoppenjans.com

A FEMALE MUSICIAN: Hence my passion for supporting fellow female-identifying musicians, and my perspective on what it’s like to be a lady in the industry.

A VOICE TEACHER: I love weird voice science and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m always looking for vocal trends and topics, and sometimes I’ll write and post articles about them here.

A WRITER: Of songs, of blogs, of poems, of long academic papers and incoherent journal ramblings—writing is a big one for me.

A MUSIC LISTENER: And hopefully, you are too! I write reviews of albums so you know what to listen to, and I put together Spotify playlists so you can discover new artists.